We manufacture and design
wire harnesses within days
Streamline your order start to finish.
Engineered for Aerospace and Defense.
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Senra brings an antiquated process into the future.

We reduce a months-long process into weeks.

24-48 HOURS

Upload your design to our quote tool and we’ll automatically break it down based on design inputs.


We program machines to autonomously build your harnesses.

Manufacture & Deliver

Receive your harness within a few weeks. Seriously. That’s it.

We use machines to build harnesses of any complexity

We configure machines at every step to create harnesses, enabling us to build 4x faster than the typical vendor, and with greater accuracy.

Design support

We’ll work with you to turn your sketches into formal designs and provide assistance with supply chain concerns and manufacturability.

Questions? Shoot us an email at hello@senrasystems.us


Senra Systems can manufacture harnesses of any complexity. We have industry leaders with over 20 years of harness expertise and personnel trained in IPC-620 and NASA-STD-8739.4.


NASA-STD-8739.4 certification
IPC-620 certification
Hi-Pot testing
Complex cable assemblies
Formboard assemblies
Label printing
Heat shrink tubing
Epoxy potting
30 AWG to 2 AWG wiring
Machine utilization for: cable cutting, outer jacket removal, and wire stripping


Convert barebone sketches into formal designs
Free design for manufacturability support
Free supply chain advice for piece parts
Creation and first-article testing of Hi-Pot Code


Inventory management
Web-based work instructions
Configuration management
Real time project status

Meet the team:

Jordan Black
CEO & Co-Founder
Benjamin Shanahan
CTO & Co-Founder
David Hwang
Pete Beukelman
Founding Manufacturing Engineer
Eric Perez
Founding Software Engineer
Rachael Knox
Manufacturing Engineer
Doug Ireton
Site Reliability Engineer
Tom Tran
Software Engineer
Laura Treleven
UX/UI Designer
Michael Haddad
Software Engineer
Jeremy Beising
Software Engineer
Diana Voronin
Software Engineer
Leon Liang
Software Engineer
Tim Lao
Manufacturing Engineer
Matthew Baghoumian
Quality Manager
Victor Gonzalez
Supply Chain Engineer
Nick Park
Software Manager
Ana Timoficiuc
Manufacturing Engineer
Connie Nguyen
Business Operations Manager
Nathan Mintz
Advisor; Spartan Radar, Epirus
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